The fall of USSR, Chernobyl and my first years at school as a restless bookworm with the attention span of a mosquito in short standalone stories that you can read here.

*80 books were printed at Sleep on it Press in RISO (black+fluor yellow) as a part of a limited edition series. If you wish to obtain a copy of the book from my shop.
I spent most of my childhood feeling like an adult trapped in a child’s body. I can vividly remember the terror I felt when I was five and a half years old in the courtyard of my elementary school looking around at my peers. They are all children, I thought with profound horror; they have no idea of life, they just follow a ball or they jump up and down and they keep coming every morning to this horrible grey jail like sheep!
In my defense, my school building looked like an actual jail building. I looked right and left and quickly left the courtyard. The depressing building had no colors, no drawings were hanging on the dirty walls but just faded yellowish maps with USSR posing still intact taking over the two-thirds of the map. The large corridors where dim-lit with flickering halogen tubes and the bathrooms smelled of urine and bleach.
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