The Habits are a series of three statues that were produced to function a simple human habit in continuous mode. They were produced between 2007-2009 and exhibited in Netherlands and in Greece in various locations.
“Another intriguing but difficult work is by Chrysa Chouliara from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy.  “Habits, John, Mary and Peter” is about human habits.  “We are really very repetitive beings,” says Choulliara.  “I wanted people to imagine what it would look like if they got stuck in a habit and just kept on doing it and doing it.”
For this exhibition Mary is on display – a TV addict.  “She might even be a TV companion,” says Chouliara.  “She never says anything, never interrupts, just watches.”
This work is a sort of anti-robot – most robots are perfect and clean, but these creatures have terrible sloth-like posture and bad habits – robots that people can relate to.  “I try to make them as imperfect as possible,” Chouliara says.”

John is the drooling statue of a boy who can only brush his teeth.
Mary is a television companion. She watches television at all times every day with or without you and sometimes she nods as her head is activated with your presence.
electronics by Ntinos Papantonopoulos

Peter is a steeping statue that breaths in your presence.
electronics by Ntinos Papantonopoulos / music by Peter Broderick
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